Youth Venture ARTISAN

Youth Venture ARTISAN is an initiative involving young people from the region of Wadowice, Poland with some skills/experience in crafts, woodworking in particular.

A strategic partnership with Italian artisans from Florence, Italy is a unique learning experience for us opening a way to the development of our skills and further entrepreneurial opportunities.

The ARTISAN platform is a virtual learning and communication environment of the venture. It serves both the purpose of providing space for publishing relevant resources and on-line discussion of the published content. At this stage the following sections of the platform are activated:

– Art of renovation: section focused on exemplary cases of renovation and the specific styles, techniques, materials and tools used to achieve the featured results

– Workshops: insights into artisan ventures and workshops which provide a frame of reference for the development of the ARTISAN initiative

– Events: information on current developments in the venture as well as external events of interest to the participants

– Learning resources including two sets of materials: The Curriculum of workshop activities addressed to youth educators seeking ways to engage young people in entrepreneurial initiatives in the field of artisanal craft and the Online Course providing open educational resources which can supplement such a program of learning.

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