This Erasmus+ project is a joint initiative of four organisations – an education centre from Poland, two schools from Portugal and Poland and a digital games developer from Finland. We have teamed up to explore the game-based learning approach (GBL) that provides a unique opportunity to engage students in learning and enhance the school curriculum with motivating, interactive content.

Education Centre EST – Wadowice – Poland

Project coordinator

EST is an educational establishment offering creative learning activities both to young people and adults. Our particular interests lie in digital tech – we provide a maker space to involve our participants in games authoring, app making, 3D design and robotics.

Primary School No. 5 – Wadowice – Poland

A public school run by the Wadowice Commune. It has a rich offer of extracurricular activities, very helpful in making teaching more attractive and effective, e.g. “nights of scientists”, sky observations, math competitions, trips and games.

The Secondary School Escola Secundária de Camões – Lisbon – Portugal

One of the oldest and most prestigious schools in Lisbon. The school includes several ethnic groups, from Asia, Africa and East of Europe, and is best known as inclusive, multicultural and tolerant. The students’ creativity is stimulated through various enrichment activities: Theatre club, Cinema club, Graphic Lab, Music, Science Club, History Lab and Choir.

TeacherGaming – Tampere – Finland

A game developer and an edtech company focusing on helping teachers and other educators to use video games and new media in their everyday work. The company created some of the biggest impact video game solutions in the world such as MinecarftEdu as well as developed their own educational games, e.g. Switch & Glitch.

Project objectives

They relate to the particular barriers faced by teachers new to the GBL approach. We decided to address the essential issues reported by the teachers with a view to:

  • Identifying concrete digital games that are accessible and flexible enough to fit selected areas of the curriculum
  • Developing exemplary scenarios how to integrate them into teaching different subjects
  • Piloting these scenarios with teachers unfamiliar with such an educational approach
  • Publishing them in a form that can motivate new groups of teachers to follow

This website has the main purpose to widely disseminate our experiences from the two-year project. At this stage we present some selected resources that may facilitate implementing GBL pedagogy in schools. The original learning scenarios developed and tested by us will be presented on this website in a publication entitled “Game-based learning across the curriculum” in English, Polish and Portuguese. It will be available here for free downloading in September 2021.

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