Recommended Resources

TeacherGaming Store

Includes dozens of great classroom games, lesson plans and smart learning analytics. Available for schools, libraries, museums, non-profits and other educational institutions. 40+ games, 200 lesson plans and learning analytics, all in one great package!

The MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program

The MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program and The Education Arcade focus on creating playful, powerful learning experiences using the affordances of new educational technologies. They leverage design-based research to study and develop solutions to pervasive challenges in teaching and learning. Their platform is a great site to start explorations of the playful side of the learning process through their games, tools, and curricula.

The Playful Learning Center

The centre based in Helsinki is a leader in researching, communicating and enhancing the benefits of playful learning in Finland and globally. It generates research knowledge on play and learning, and offers a place to both learn through creative play and to learn how to play in new and engaging ways.

The Pedagogy of Play Project

A research collaboration between Project Zero and the LEGO Foundation, has been working to redefine play and reimagine learning in schools, exploring three core questions: What does it mean to have a pedagogy of play and why is it important? What does playful learning look and feel like in classrooms and schools? How do educators set up the conditions where playful learning thrives?

The Learning Games Network

By identifying and partnering with organizations that are working to create, research and disseminate game-based learning tools, the Learning Games Network amplifies the impact of these organizations and broadens access to high-quality educational games for learners at every age.

International School of Billund (ISB)

By placing play at the heart of education, ISB stimulates every child’s natural desire to learn. At ISB the teachers believe that by creating a culture of playful learning – by consciously introducing elements of choice, wonder and delight into the classroom – they are nurturing the qualities that will carry their students not only to their next educational destination, but through life.


A versatile platform using the power of Virtual and Augmented Reality for education and training from the classroom to the boardroom. They’ve introduced a whole new concept in educational technology: a ‘standalone’ Virtual Reality headset complete with a unique student-friendly interface, gesture controls, embedded educational resources and simple-to-use teacher controls. ClassVR claims to be a groundbreaking new technology designed to help raise engagement and increase knowledge retention for students of all ages.


A game-based learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive digital environment. Educators in more than 115 countries are using Minecraft: Education Edition across the curriculum. Minecraft offers free resources to help educators and families stay connected, navigate remote education and engage in creative learning. Explore fun challenges, immersive worlds, STEM lessons and more.

Kahoot! EDU

Kahoot educational version for schools empowers teachers to create interactive lessons, engage and motivate students in class and via distance learning as well as saves their time with ready-to-use content.


Combines immersive technologies and inspiring pedagogic content to offer remote and in-class learning with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality tools for all ages.

Best educational online games

One of many available recommendation lists of online educational games for elementary kids as well as middle and high school students. It covers a range of topics on math, STEM, literacy, science, art, and more. Many companies selling these games have started offering free access to premium content to help us get through this time of school closures.

Lure of the Labyrinth

This math game has middle school students finding lost pets by solving puzzles. Teachers can take advantage of the professional development section of the website to use the game in class. Students lured by the appeal of this game’s visual architecture might also be interested in online colleges for game design.