Learning resources

ARTISAN learning resources include two sets of materials. The Curriculum of workshop activities is addressed to youth educators seeking ways to engage young people in entrepreneurial initiatives in the field of artisanal craft. The Online Course provides open educational resources which can supplement such a program of learning. The course can be followed independently on the platform or used as a resource for blended learning activities.


ARTISAN Workshop Curriculum

  • Part I: Youth venture environment
  • Part II: The value of restoration
  • Part III: Woodwork renovation techniques
  • Part IV: Entrepreneurial skills





ARTISAN Online Coursekrakow

  • Module I: Cultural heritage in the landscape of our times
  • Module II: Handicrafts – resource for the future
  • Module III: Setting up an artisan workshop
  • Module IV: Restoration of wooden articles
  • Module V: Artisan entrepreneurship





Both available under Creative Commons licence